Mapker Drone

Mapker is a quadcopter made entirely of carbon fiber. It has a high level of autonomy of 55 minutes, performing for up to 120 hectares per fight. Thanks to its small dimensions and transportation case, Mapker is perfect for technical measurement works. Its unibody design does not require any type of assembly prior to a flight.


High level of autonomy resulting in flights of up to 55 minutes.

“Click & Fly” System

Exclusive optics interchange system.

Small size

Its small size speeds up transport, handling and launching.

Flight Planning

The flight planning software allows flight mission planning.

Versatile Cameras

An array of sensors and optics to capture RGB, thermal and multispectral images.

HQ Results

Obtain high quality data, images and 3D maps.

Mapker intelligence and accuracy


The PPK systems within Mapker allow you to acquire georeferenced images to centimeter accuracy.

Customized Drones

At Helix North, we also create customized projects, developing drones according to the needs of our clients.


Would you like be distribuitor of Helix-North products?
Would you like be distribuitor of Helix-North products?

At Helix-North we want to offer our UAV’s and products for better support for customers all over the world. If you are interested in learning more about our drones, sensors,…

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