Who we are

Since 2014, HELIX NORTH designs and manufactures UAVs to be used in analysis and industrial control works. Our human and technical team holds vast experience in the field of drone development since the beginning of this technological innovation.

The quality, reliability and use of the latest technology are our reason to be and, therefore, our products are always followed by the latest technological advances and innovation.

Philosophy – Innovation & Service.

Our philosophy in product development, an ever-changing market, is based on a constant process of research, improvement and renovation of our designs, while cyclically adding the latest advances in production.

At Helix North, we value above all the quality of our service, as well as that of our products. Thus, special care is taken to technical assistance and post-sales service.

The maintenance and repair shop will quickly and diligently solve any possible technical problem or fault in your drone.

Some words from our team

“The drone and UAV technology has multiple uses in the industrial field, such as in the construction, food and energy sectors, helping companies make better decisions.”

Alian Zabaldegi

Alian Zabaldegi

“Innovation should be in the DNA of every company, but it is even more essential for a technology company such as Helix North. This field evolves rapidly and waits for nobody.”

Ester Iriarte

Ester Iriarte

Drone Mapker

The Mapker drone is the perfect tool for the study, measurement and elaboration of maps for analysis.